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University in Yunnan provides subsidies for needy students


Students who have received financial support take a tour around the university.

On September 3, 2018, Yunnan Technology and Business University held a donation ceremony to provide grants to 35 freshmen who are from low-income families and have good academic performance.
The students were all from ethnic groups in Nujiang Lisu Autonomous prefecture, southwest China’s Yunnan province. With the money, they would be able to finish college smoothly.
Besides financial assistance, the university will also help the students get employed, which is an indirect way to pull their families out of poverty.
Education is an important measure to eradicate poverty, said Zou Libin, deputy secretary of the Party organ and managing vice president of Yunnan Technology and Business University, adding that the university has always earnestly implemented the policy to support impoverished students to finish their studies at university.
Through scholarships, subsidies, loans and work-study programs, the university has provided stronger financial support to impoverished students, guaranteeing that all of them are assisted, Zou disclosed.
Since 2007, the university has opened classes for students from seven less developed ethic groups, each having a population of less than 100,000 people, such as Dulong, De’ang, Jino and Nu ethnic groups. The school will pay the fees of tuition, teaching materials, and accommodation under the program.