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【Group Headquarters】Director for Investment

Job Description:

1. Responsible for the Group's overseas investment and financing, and mainly managing integration work with European targeted areas, overseas commercial banks, funds, trusts, securities companies and other financial institutions;

2. Responsible for finding suitable projects abroad and raising the required funds to ensure the group's financial needs for strategic development;

3. Responsible for tracking and doing researches on the dynamics of the capital market, analyzing and monitoring the capital structure, profitability, and stock price changes of the Group and various business segments to explore innovative financing methods;

4. Responsible for the expansion of overseas financing channels, the formulation and implementation of financing plans, and risk assessment;

5. Responsible for coordinating and maintaining channel relations between the company and overseas financial institutions, as well as communication and cooperation with overseas banks;

6. Analyzing the company’s debt-related indicators;

7. Responsible for the Group’s capital operations, such as additional issuance, convertible bonds, company repurchases, etc.;

8. Assisting the Group’s vice president in participating in capital market communication and expanding/maintaining relations with investor, including communication with institutional investors and analysts, and analysis of capital market, etc.


1. With a bachelor's degree or above from a university or college of 211 Project, majoring in finance or economy or related majors;

2. With more than eight years of experience in corporate financing and investment;

3. Familiar with national industrial policies and related financial regulations, international practices, investment and financing, corporate mergers and acquisitions, and credit management;

4. Familiar with the international capital market, various financial instruments, and having channels for overseas financing and extensive interpersonal relationships in the field;

5. Having strong negotiation skills and communication skills, and good presentation skills; being good at handling complex interpersonal relationships;

6. Fluent English reading and writing skills, with English skills for business communication;

7. Having good professional ethics.

Age: 33 to 42 years old

Report to: Vice President for Investment 

Best Candidate Source: from a Hong Kong stock listed company with a market capitalization greater than 5 billion yuan

Employment Commencement Date: December 22, 2020

Working Place: Hong Kong

Salary: open to negotiation

Contact Details

Please send your resume to  email:



Mr. Jiang 010-59306309