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【Group Headquarters】Director for Hardcover Design

Job Description:

1. Responsible for relevant design guidance, communication and coordination, and for the accuracy, timeliness and rationality of the plan design;

2. Implementing the expanding design according to the determined plan, and submitting the design results and design budget as planned;

3. Responsible for construction drawing design according to the determined expanding design and cost control requirements, and submitting the design results as planned;

4. Assisting in solving design problems arising from on-site construction, and responsible for the accuracy of construction results; cooperating with the asset management department for the inspection of relevant units and for the preparation work of bidding documents;

5. Responsible for integration and communication between the Group and universities and colleges.


1. With a bachelor's degree or above from a university or college of 211 Project, majoring in environmental art design or interior design or relevant majors;

2. With more than five years of related experience; understanding the process of construction and technique and being familiar with construction materials; 

3. Having hand-drawing ability and being proficient in CAD and Photoshop;

4. Ability to quickly understand design schemes and to optimize design, and rich knowledge and experience in architecture, structure, electrical, HVAC and fire protection related to interior design.

Age: 28 to 35 years old

Report to: General Manager of Infrastructure and Logistics Department

Best Candidate Source: from a design institute or cultural tourism and real estate company (having experience in cultural and architectural interior design)

Employment Commencement Date: November 22, 2020

Working Place: Beijing

Other Requirement: candidate could accept a 10-day business trip per month

Salary: open to negotiation

Contact Details

Please send your resume to  email:



Mr. Jiang 010-59306309