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Notice on Postponing the 2020 Spring Semester in YTBU

For all the departments and staffs:      

    According to the governmental document of coronavirus infection control in Yunnan Province and the actual situation of our university, the University Leading Group for Epidemic Prevention decide to extend the winter vacation and issue the relevant work as following:

 I. Postponing the Start of Spring Semester      

    The opening of spring semester will be postponed after the end of February 2020 until further notice, and the start of the summer vacation will be postponed accordingly, in order to maintain education quality and enough class hours. The specific time of school opening will be decided after the judgment of epidemic prevention and control situation. Before the school starts again, all teachers, students and logistics merchants are not allowed to return to campus.

II. Working Requirements for Staffs during this Extended Vacation   

 (1) Effectively fulfill the main responsibility, under the leadership of the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government and the University Leading Group for Epidemic Prevention.  Actively help with preparing material supports, formulation of teaching plans, and implement epidemic prevention and control measures;  

 (2) It is necessary to prepare in advance for the coming semester, adjust the teaching plan, and strictly follow the requirements of thePreparation for the Prevention and Control of New Coronavirus Infection in YTBU . To establish and improve health monitor and daily report system, keep offering sterilization service and emergency treatment.   

(3) All staffs, logistics and merchants should return to their work place 14 days before the end of February and monitor your health condition at home. For those who are still in Hubei should not return to Yunnan Province temperately. The teaching staffs should guide students to self-study at home;  

 (4) Faculty leaders and counselors, heads of various departments, and the logistics department should monitor each student, teacher, and logistics merchant about their health condition. School staffs should seek for medical treatment if they have fever, cough and other symptoms, and report to the counselor, department head and the University Leading Group for Epidemic Prevention in time;   

(5) Fully rely on the authoritative reports and information from the central, provincial and municipal mainstream media; correctly guide students and parents to learn about epidemic prevention and control knowledge. Psychological support hotline and counselling service will offered for teachers and students.

III. Implementation of Online Education  

 (1) We must conscientiously implement online education during the epidemic prevention period, according to the requirement of the Ministry of Education.  

 (2) Before the official start of the school, any form of offline centralized teaching activities and collective activities is forbidden.  Units or individuals are strictly prohibited to organize or participate supplementary courses.

Yunnan Technology and Business University

February 12, 2020