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University, enterprise join hands to cultivate network security talent

Yunnan Technology and Business University, operated by China New Higher Education Group, signed an agreement with Internet security company 360 Security Technology Inc. on April 23 to jointly cultivate cybersecurity talent.

Together, the two sides will engage in co-construction of courses, professions and schools, and carry out teacher preparation programs and industry certification programs, to cultivate talent to safeguard network of the country and the society.

The collaboration is expected to advance heathy development of the training market of cybersecurity talent and accelerate the construction of a safe country, cities, and households.

China is in urgent need of defense-oriented cybersecurity talent. Li Yang, director of 360 Cyber Security College, said defense-oriented students could be cultivated on a large scale to serve in governments, military and enterprises.

The school-enterprise duo will make education plans, compile teaching materials and organize teaching activities. 360 Security Technology will send experts to provide professional guidance, training programs and internships to students of the Yunnan university.

The collaboration marks a further step taken by Yunnan Technology and Business University to cultivate students for the industry, serve regional development, and innovate talent training model.

360’s participation is expected to help enhance students’ ability to apply knowledge and improve their core competitiveness.