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【Group Headquarters】Deputy General Manager for Investment

Job Description:

1. Contacting potential eligible targets nationwide, and conducting preliminary inspections and screenings of eligible targets to promote investment and mergers;

2. Assisting the vice president in leading the professional team to do on-site inspection work and completing all transactional work in the transaction process;

3. Collecting and analyzing policies and development trends of related industries, and providing information support for the company's decision-making;

4. Analyzing the industry, source and competing products of the eligible area, and issuing a professional analysis report;

5. Assisting the vice president in completing the implementation of investment and merger projects in key strategic areas of the Group.


1. With a bachelor's degree or above from a university or college of 211 Project; candidate majoring in marketing, or economics, or law or related majors is preferred;

2. With more than five years of experience in investment in the private higher education;

3. Having a certain number of contacts/ eligible resource accumulation in the private higher education;

4. Having excellent capabilities in business negotiation and business relationship management;

5. Having strong self-regulated learning ability, with rigorous thinking, and good at discovering, analyzing and solving problems;

6. Being able to withstand work intensity and pressure and having passion and love for private higher education.

Age: 30 to 50 years old

Report to: Vice President for Investment 

Best Candidate Source: from a higher education group or an investment institution focusing on higher education

Employment Commencement Date: November 10, 2020

Working Place: nationwide around the country, with an average of 15 working days per month

Other Requirement: males preferred 

Salary: open to negotiation

Contact Details

Please send your resume to  email:



Mr. Jiang 010-59306309