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【Group Headquarters】Manager for Recruitment

Job Description:

1. Completing the recruitment work with high quality and high efficiency based on the current staffing and business development needs; 

2. Using online recruitment platforms to publish recruitment needs and attract suitable talents;

3. Doing recruitment, selection, interview, hiring, and staff placement work;

4. Doing pre-employment testing and resume screening work;

5. Making use of various recruitment channels and platforms to meet the company's needs for talents;

6. Establishing an external talent pool.


1. With a bachelor's degree or above from a university or college of 211 Project; candidate majoring in human resource or marketing is preferred; 

2. With more than two years of experience in recruitment; candidate with experience in headhunting company is preferred;

3. With rich experience in the discovery and introduction of talents, organization and personnel adjustment, and staff career design;

4. Having proficient skills in interviews, salary negotiations, employment commencement services, etc.;

5. Familiar with the recruitment process of large companies and mainstream recruitment channels;

6. Familiar with computer operation software and related personnel management software.

Age: 26 to 35 years old

Report to: General Manager of Human Resources

Best Candidate Source: from education industry, or large-scale Internet group

Employment Commencement Date: November 10, 2020

Working Place: Beijing

Salary: open to negotiation

Contact Details

Please send your resume to  email:



Mr. Jiang 010-59306309