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【Group Headquarters】Director for System and Procedure Building

Job Description:

1. Procedure Building: responsible for the Group’s procedure system building, sorting out and optimizing business logic, and using scientific methods and tools to guide functional departments of the headquarters and universities and colleges to carry out business procedure building;

2. System Building: responsible for system structure building, promoting the construction of the Group’s system in a planned and rhythmic manner, and continuously strengthening the standardized management of the Group;

3. Strategic Management: participating in the Group’s strategy formulation, strategy decomposition, strategy implementation and strategic evaluation, etc., promoting the achievement of the Group's strategic goals, and guiding the subordinate colleges and universities to carry out strategic management work;

4. Other work as assigned by relevant leaders. 


1. With a bachelor's degree or above from a university or college of 211 Project; candidate majoring in economic and business management is preferred; 

2. With more than three years of experience in system and procedure building in large-scale groups;

3. Ability in learning new skills, teamwork and communication;

4. Candidate with working experience in management consulting company or the same industry background is preferred;

5. Candidate familiar with private education, higher education or the operation of listed companies is preferred.

Age: 28 to 40 years old 

Report to: General Manager of Development Planning Department

Best Candidate Source: from large-scale group

Employment Commencement Date: November 22, 2020

Working Place: Beijing

Salary: open to negotiation

Contact Details

Please send your resume to  email:



Mr. Jiang 010-59306309